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Passengers with reduced mobility (PRM)

Assistance to PRM

SAGAT is in charge of providing assistance for passengers with reduced mobility at Torino Airport, in compliance with EC Regulation 1107/2006 that establishes a series of rules concerning the rights of people with reduced mobility in air transport.

In accordance with the Regulation, passengers who require special ground assistance should inform the airline with which they are travelling at the time of the reservation, within 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of departure of the flight.

The carrier must inform SAGAT within 36 hours prior to the scheduled time of departure of the flight. Informing the airport managing body is an exclusive responsibility of the airline. 

If using more than one airline, passengers should inform the airline with which they start to travel, in order to receive assistance throughout  the entire length of their journey or during transfers. Airlines should be made aware of the nature and degree of disability of the passengers travelling with them across the entire length of their journey. 

In the case of non-provision of assistance, passenger must complain to the Airline and then to ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority), which is appointed by the Italian State to ensure the “respect of the rights of disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility”.

ENAC, through its website, provides with information about rights of people with reduced mobility in air transport and informs on how lodging complaint through the website.

At Torino Airport a renewal of passenger spaces is under way, involving renovation work and a general redesign of the public area, both at the Departures level and at the Arrivals level. Such works could cause temporary discomfort in the use of paths and tactile maps.

We will pay the utmost attention to the adaptation of the aids, however we advise the Customers that perceive the need, to request the service dedicated to passengers with reduced mobility, so that they can be assisted and accompanied inside the Airport.

Facilities, procedures and vehicles

The terminal has been designed with particular attention towards people with special needs (disabled, ill, blind, visually impaired, injured or elderly people), in order to allow them to enjoy all the airport services.
The functional model of the travellers flow is organized on separate levels, the upper floor being the Departures area and the lower level the arrivals area. The internal vertical connections are guaranteed by elevators, all equipped with Braille signs buttons and with acoustic security sound devices.

In the Departures hall the passengers turn in their baggage at the check-in desks, by easily placing them on a platform. The hall is a wide, airy and bright area and the floors are not slippery.
In the Arrivals hall there is an infirmary with medical personnel available 24 hours a day (ph. +39.011.5676201).
In the baggage claim area the baggage conveyor belts, equipped with a security device, enable an easy baggage recovery.
The shopping areas are well-sized and next to one another in order to minimize movements. There are disabled restrooms in each floor of the airport.

A tactile pathway for visually disabled users is available at both Arrivals and Departures areas (plus surrounding external areas) of the airport, as well as the tunnel linking the airport terminals to the railway station.

The tactile pathways, with tactile maps available in both Arrivals and Departures halls, guarantees visually disabled users full access to information desk, ticket desk, check-in area, courtesy room and restrooms. 

Torino Airport is equipped with a Multistorey car park, located right in front of the air terminal and directed connected to Departures and Arrivals areas through a 35 metres covered walkway free of architectural barriers.

The pavements are easily accessible thanks to ramps. Access into the airport is also very easy: there are 8 large entrance doors, 20 metres apart. Each is equipped with a security device.


Assistance to PRM
SAGAT has always been attentive to ensure to passengers the best assistance. The assistance service is provided by the dedicated personnel, which is properly trained to support passengers with reduced mobility during their stay at the airport. The assistance service is provided for free.

The personnel is in charge of accompanying the departing passengers through the security checkpoints until the boarding.  Assistants will provide passenger with a suitable wheelchair, if necessary. They will also make sure that the passenger’s own wheelchair is the last thing to be boarded on the aircraft, so that it will be the first thing to be unloaded upon arrival.

After collecting baggage, the staff member will then escort the passenger to where his/her family or helper(s) are waiting. If it is necessary to wait for family/helpers, the passenger will be taken to the Courtesy Lounge on the Departures level.

In transit, the passenger will be accompanied from the arriving aircraft to the relevant departure gate for his/her connecting flight. At the gate, the boarding attendant will provide information concerning the boarding pass and any luggage in transit from Torino Airport.

In the case of assistance to minors with reduced mobility, the personnel will provide the same assistance services as for the adults.  

Even if online check-in has already been carried out, passengers are reminded to arrive at the airport well in advance in order to be able to carry out all the necessary operations prior to boarding.


Electrician assistance
At the time of boarding, Torino Airport provides with an electrician for the right assembling and disassembling of wheelchair batteries and related stowage.


Getting to the aircraft
A special bus equipped with wheelchair lifts (ambulift) may be used for boarding operations of passengers with reduced mobility. 

The ambulift vehicle is equipped with a closed cabin which can be lowered to ground level and  raised up to the 5.5 meters of a Jumbo door, in order to provide easy access to wheelchairs.


Vehicles available for passengers with reduced mobility:
3 Ambulift vehicles (equipped with safety hooks), 1 of which is electric;
1 electric van;
1 aviramp;
81 manual wheelchairs; 
4 motor wheelchairs; 
12 wheelchairs for wchc;
1 lifting band;
2 resin lift tablets;

All wheelchairs are equipped with security belts.