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Restaurants and Italian bars

Boarding Lounge

All restaurants after security controls

Autogrill Piazza Castello

Piazza Castello by Autogrill where the tradition of Italian coffee meets delicious menu sipping a nice wine while waiting for your flight. Tobacco sales.

Opening time: First flight - Last flight out

Ph.: + 39 011.9961154

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Baladin, which stands for the symbol of Italian hand-crafted beer, offers the artisanal beer from Cuneo, hamburgers and quality food.

Opening times: 11.00-22.00


Ph.: +39 011.9915941

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Bufala Shop Food Lounge


The renewed travel retail format of Fattorie Garofalo, located in the new Food Court of the Embarkation Area, beyond the security controls. It is the ideal place where to buy excellent Campania's gastronomic products and taste delicious traditional dishes: among these, Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, Salumi di Bufalo Campano, freshly made pizza, as well as a wide range of sandwiches and house specialties.

Opening times: 05.00-22.00

Ph.: +39 011.19789405

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Giappo - Sushi Restaurant

The restaurant has 36 seats, some of which at the Sushibar counter with conveyor belt. Menù à la carte and take-away Box menù to enjoy your meal on board or at home. The box keeps the food warm for 2 hours.

Opening time: 10.30-21.00

Ph.: +39 011.56769439

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I'Amme - Mozzarella Bar

Temporarily closed

I'Amme is the first Mozzarella Bar to be opened in northern Italy and offers the passengers the possibility to taste quality products from breakfast to dinner. Mozzarella di Bufala, controlled by Fattorie Garofalo of Capua, is the specialty but there are also other products of the tradition of Campania, such as natural leavening pizza and other baked goods.

Ph.: +39 011.56769446

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Terre di Baladin

After the security checks, located in the Piazzetta Commerciale, Terre di Baladin is the new Birra Baladin sales and refreshment point where you can enjoy breakfasts and platters based on typical Piedmont products.

Among the specialties, bread and focaccia bread made in the Mondopane laboratory of the Cuneo prison, cheeses and cold cuts, products in oil, sweet and savory pies, made in collaboration with local artisans.

Opening time:

  • Monday: 08.30-22.00
  • Wednesday: 10.00-22.00
  • Thursday: 10.00-22.00 
  • Friday: 10.00-22.00
  • Saturday: 09.00-22.00
  • Sunday: 11.00-22.00
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WorkEat is the first restaurant in Italy offering a tech service and a break outside the box, guaranteeing food of high quality and Made in Italy recipes.

It offers simple homemade dishes, prepared with selected ingredients, guaranteeing quality and traceability.

The restaurant space is at the cutting edge of technology and features multi-touch tables and screens, with which it is possible to order, play, read news, charge the mobile phone and pay.

Opening time: 06.00-21.00

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Bar offering sandwiches, sweet and savoury snacks, drinks and coffee.

Opening hours: open in conjunction with non-Schengen flights

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Departures Lounge

All restaurants before security controls




The most famous fast food restaurant presents its wide choice of menu, a large seating area and an interactive table with tablets dedicated to children.

Opening Time: 11.00-20.30

Ph.: +39 011.5676737

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Ahi Poke

Poke composed in express mode, in front of the customer's eyes.
You can choose from Poke Favourites, or opt for a customised poke with infinite combinations. The Poke Favourites are bowls with a pre-defined recipe, designed to offer an 'ideal' combination of ingredients, also in logic of practicality for those with little time. The customisable Poke Favourites can be chosen and composed according to one's own preferences. In addition to the poke offer, other products such as yoghurt, fresh fruit and a wide selection of drinks are available.

Opening Time: 11.30-15.00


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Food court at Upper Departures level

Self-service restaurant with a wide offer of first and second courses, grill, salads, fruit and desserts.

Opening time: 11.00-14.30/18.00-20.30 

Ph.: +39 011.5676737

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Artisan bakery developed by Chef Express in partnership with "Panella - The art of bread since 1929". Here, simplicity and craftsmanship meet every day to give you a unique and tasty experience. A Coffee Specialist was present with a wide range of traditional coffee shops inspired by the historic coffee shops and international recipes. Tobacco sales.

Opening time: 05.00-21.30

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Arrivals Lounge

All restaurants on the Arrivals Level

Autogrill Passaggio Torino Coffee&Snack

Snack bar and cafeteria. Wide range of sandwiches, pizzas, focaccia and salads for a light but tasty lunch; croissanterie for a sweet breakfast or snack. Tobacco sales.

Opening Time: 07.00-23.00

Ph.: + 39 011.9961154

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