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In 2022, water withdrawals at Turin Airport will be 136,100 cubic metres, of which 114,389 cubic metres will be withdrawn from the public aqueduct network and 21,711 cubic metres from wells on airport grounds. Overall consumption is however on the increase compared to past years, characterised by the COVID-19 health emergency, which saw minimum values reached in terms of air traffic, passengers and third party users. The frequency of meter readings at delivery points from the main water supply network remains monthly to allow for the detection of abnormal water consumption.

The management of surface water is based on a network of collection canals, extended throughout the airport grounds, and the use of first rainwater tanks to treat the water collected on the runway. The protection of surface water is guaranteed by the hydrocarbon separation plant (oil separator), which has the function of treating rainwater from the aircraft aprons.

The east collector and the adaptation of the south RESA area have improved the separation between the rainwater collection network and the irrigation canals that cross the runway, as well as increasing the operating efficiency of the first rainwater tanks.

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