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Fees and Charges

New levels of Airport charges for years 2024 – 2027

Turin Airport informs that the 2023 User Public Hearing was duly held on October 25, 2023 at 11.00 am.

The Public Hearing for sharing with Users the new tariff level for the four-year period 2024 - 2027 will be held on a date to be defined starting from the end of March 2024.

Until the end of the Consultation procedure with a positive outcome, the tariffs applied in 2024 will remain the same as in 2023, including the right to assistance for persons with reduced mobility (PRM).

The start of the consultation procedure, the date of the User Hearing and all updates to the process for defining the new tariffs will be published in this section of the site as soon as they are known. Airport Users will in any case be summoned with a specific communication on the start date of the Consultation.