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Torino Airport Regulations

The Airport Regulations are the organic collection of rules and procedures, with the exception of safety, security and emergency plans, in force at Torino Airport.

These rules and procedures are aimed to a seamless and coordinated use of infrastructures and facilities with due regard to the safety, security and effectiveness of the service provided.

Torino Airport Regulations are prepared by SAGAT S.p.A., as Airport Managing Company, with the contribution of the Italian Air Navigation Authority (ENAV) in its areas of expertise, in compliance with the Law of November, 9th 2004 n. 265, the Italian Legislative Decree n. 151/06 and the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) Circular APT-19 of October, 26th 2005. The ENAC Airport Director adopted these Airport Regulations with  the Ordinance n. 32/2007 of May, 29th 2007.

The purposes of the Regulation are:


  • To compile an easy to access handbook including the principal rules and procedures in force at Torino Airport, so that every airport operator is able to work in accordance with safety, environmental protection and health at work requirements, and being aware of traffic rules applicable within the airport boundary;

  • To grant  transparent, impartial and non-discriminatory access to and use of any airport infrastructure, whether in a shared, centralized or exclusive use;
  • To grant  adequate levels of airport service quality, in compliance with the Service Charter;
  • To ensure that airport operators, for the parts of their competence, implement the procedures set out in the Airport Manual and in the Safety Management System (SMS).

Torino Airport Regulations are available on SAGAT Airport Operations website.

The website is dedicated to Airport Operators and Public Authorities working at Torino Airport and contains the following operating manuals and documents:

  • Torino Airport Regulations;
  • Aerodrome Manual;
  • ENAC Ordinances into force;
  • Other operational documents (safety alerts, etc.);
  • Contact sheet;
  • Link to submit a Ground Safety Report;
  • Airport FIDS.


Registration is required to access the documentation, apart from safety related forms and documents.

For further information, please refer to: