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Torino Green Airport

A strong positioning on the environmental sustainability of an airport infrastructure represents and will increasingly represent a qualifying element in order to counter the growing criticism associated with the environmental impact of the air transport industry.

In this context, therefore, the launch of "Torino Green Airport" appears to be fundamental, a project that aims to bring together all the interventions aimed at environmental sustainability already implemented by the Turin Airport in the past, under construction in the present, and planned for the future.

Torino Airport works to manage the airport infrastructure and operations in an energy efficient way (consuming less and less energy), avoiding the waste of resources (reducing waste and recovering those produced) and inspiring every action to respect the environment (reduce water consumption and reuse it, reduce noise emissions, reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants in the atmosphere) to the best of possibilities.

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Implementing direct interventions and involving its employees, the airport community, business partners, suppliers, passengers to create the Turin Green Airport.

Lines of actions

  • Energy / Emissions / Decarbonisation
  • Management of green areas and biodiversity
  • Waste
  • Waters
  • Airport noise