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General Aviation

Information and contacts

The General Aviation terminal manages to meet the customers' needs in real time, providing assistance to private and business traffic and continuously improving the quality of the services offered.

The building, organised on three levels, occupies an area of 4,700 sqm and has 8 aprons for parking aircraft distributed over an area of approx. 21,000 sqm.

The terminal offers all the services needed by the General Aviation customers: hangaring, refuelling, all the usual handling and ramp services, catering, logistics and passengers and crews reception.

SAGAT provides the following central services for the operators:


  • Coordination of yard movement and allocation of parking spaces;
  • Follow me;
  • Refuelling with Jet-A1 fuel and Avgas 100LL petrol;
  • Security and armed escort service.


Handling agents' contacts:

SAGAT Handling
Ph.: +39 335.7546041

Ph.: +39 346.8762446 - +39 346.8762891

Argos Vip Private Handling 
Ph.: 011.56769623  - 320/2874089

Ph: 346.8762891

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