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Safety Policy

Ensuring safe operations and continuously improving safety performances are the core values of SAGAT Group, its management and its employees at all levels.

SAGAT is fully compliant with national and international standards and regulations and seeks to adopt the industry best practices.

SAGAT regularly conducts hazard identification process, constantly monitors risks and implements mitigations to keep risks to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable  (ALARP principle).

SAGAT develops, on an annual basis, safety targets, monitors safety indicators at regular intervals, analyses safety reports, carries out internal and external audits, oversees operational activities and requires airport suppliers and contractors to comply with the Company safety standards.

To ensure safe operations, SAGAT provides appropriate resources, equipment and personnel so that SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) can be adhered to and assigns roles and responsibilities to personnel adequately trained and skilled.

SAGAT provides appropriate financial, human and material resources to implement the Company’s safety policy.

Through the Safety Review Board, composed by the Accountable Manager, Safety Manager, Compliance Monitoring Manager, Operations Manager, Maintenance Manager, Planning and Design Manager, Health&Safety at Work Manager, SAGAT sets safety objectives and performance standards to be achieved.

Management at all levels shall actively promote safety culture and shall demonstrate within its team its own commitment to comply with the Company’s safety policy and to meet safety targets.

SAGAT enforces just culture principles : no disciplinary action is taken if events are immediately reported, unless they are due to gross negligence or willful violations.

All employees and airport operators have the formal right and the legal responsibility to report any event which has or would have endangered the safety of people, aircraft, vehicles or infrastructures by completing the form available at the following link  or by sending an e-mail to or in an informal way. Anonymous reports may also be submitted.

Safety reports shall be analyzed to verify safety standards, to identify emerging risks and to implement mitigating actions, with the sole concern to prevent accidents and incidents and not to apportion blame.