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Training is one of the pillars of airport personnel management, for the entry of new workers, for the continuous updating of personnel already working in the airport and to support the technical-professional development and enrichment of the skills of SAGAT Group personnel and the airport operating community.

The courses offered in presence are held by a team of in-house teachers made up of qualified and certified professionals.

The courses offered in e-learning mode are developed by the same Team of teachers and are available on the Docebo platform. We also offer courses taught by external training companies, selected according to principles of professional and methodological excellence.


Technical courses

Aerodrome safety and Airside Driving Permit

  • Aerodrome Safety (mandatory to obtain TIA)
  • Airside Driving Permit - airport licence

Aviation Security

  • Security Course Cat. A13 (compulsory for obtaining TIA)


  • DGR Function 7.4 RT Warehouse & Loading Agent
  • DGR Function 7.5 RT Passengers Check-in Agent
  • DGR Function 7.6 RT Planning Aircraft Loading
  • DGR Function 7.8 RT Flight Dispatcher
  • DGR Function 7.10 RT Security Screeners

Aerodrome Operator

  • GRF Global Reporting Format
  • Marshalling
  • Follow-me operations
  • Aircraft Refuelling Operations
  • PEA - Airport Emergency Plan
  • PRM Passengers with Reduced Mobility


  • Passenger Assistance Courses
  • Ramp and Marshaller Aircraft Handling Courses
  • Weight & Balance Courses
  • Single Airport Operator Aircraft Handling Courses
  • Airport equipment Courses (GSE)
  • Dangerous Goods Courses (DGR-IATA)
  • Human Factor Courses
  • Human Trafficking Courses

Other training offers

  • Possibility of internships in the different company sectors (Handling and Aerodrome Operator)
  • Tailor-made courses for airport operators

Training Centre

Easily accessible by car and just a few minutes' walk from the main terminal, the railway station and the bus station, following the road signs indicating the SAGAT Presidency/Direction/Offices, the Training Centre has three fully equipped training rooms, with a total of 64 seats, 12 of which are equipped with PCs connected to the Internet and 12 with a connection to the airlines' DCS.

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