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ACI EUROPE Airport Carbon Accreditation - Level 2

Torino Airport has been certified at Level 2 ‘Reduction’ of the environmental sustainability programme Airport Carbon Accreditation - the common protocol for the active management of emissions at airports through measurable results - promoted by ACI Europe, the association of European airports. A step forward in the environmental sustainability strategy of Torino Airport.

Certification Level 2 requires the fulfillment of all accreditation requirements of Level 1 ‘Mapping’ (development of a detailed inventory of carbon emissions), already achieved by Torino Airport in 2018. Furthermore, Level 2 certification also implies the implementation plan aimed to achieve with an ambitious carbon reduction target. The target set for the next three-year period 2021-2023 is the halving of CO2 emissions compared to the base year 2017, through investments in increasing the efficiency of the most energy-intensive systems and through the purchase of electricity only from certified renewable sources.